Fantasyland by Sam Walker


2016 – The Year Fantasy and Science Fiction Goes Global

2016 saw China having a lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy books hit the shelves. The more they become recognized as a global empire then the more they are expected to be more active in the books industry. It is actually easier for a writer to write in the science fiction and fantasy genre because anything can happen next. They can actually make characters that have crazy superpowers and they appear out of nowhere. They can possess superpowers like being able to teleport from the moon to planet earth or anywhere for that matter within a few seconds. It would be cool for a BangBros coupon group that has different superpowers then they can embark on countless adventures that feature them taking on villains that look to have the upper hand because they appear to be more powerful. Most of the Chinese science fiction and fantasy novels were translated into English by Ken Liu. It is difficult to translate Chinese novels into English especially if you are dealing with an entire book.


There are so many multi-awarded authors that write in English despite being in countries where English is not the first language. There is certainly no harm in doing that because it can get you trophies and even a novelty award. Some authors went to the past and used things that happened way back then as a basis for their stories. It is not such a bad idea since today's generation can hardly relate to that. However, they can expect to have a bigger audience when the old generation gets their hands on it. The older generation can't possibly be fans of science fiction and fantasy novels because they know that those happenings can't possibly happen in real life. They would rather watch the news on TV or radio than spend their time reading books. They would not want to spend time reading books unless it is their way to make themselves feel sleepy. Fantasy novels can get a bit crazy sometimes as you would not really know what is going on unless you get a good grasp on what each character is supposed to do. Each character definitely has a role in there and it won't matter if he is a good guy or a bad guy.

This year may see the rise of science fiction and fantasy novels but that does not mean the sales of other genres went down. Those who would want to learn something new every day of the week would want to stave away from reading fantasy and science fiction novels. The number one goal in reading these novels is to get entertained. When a novel gets a prize then you know there is something good with it. It would be great if a novel that spells out like a mystery will come out well. It will definitely get the reader's attention throughout the end, especially if so many characters get introduced in every chapter. It just means there is more than one suspect for whatever the crime is. Some novels last at least 200 pages on so it may take a long time before you finish reading them. It would be good to read them in between breaks so you would still feel like you accomplished a lot of things for that day. Of course, these novels should never be taken seriously or else you would be disappointed at what would transpire. You can just take each chapter with a grain of salt and then tell your friends about it. The best-selling novels are the ones that have a clear concept of the things that would happen each day in the novel.


In fact, the best ones are the ones that would keep you guessing what would happen next. It is possible to have dreams while reading these fantasy novels because they feature such interesting characters. It is interesting to note that they are wearing costumes that can be shown at Halloween parties too. You never know when you would see your friends wear your novel character's costume at the next Halloween party. These fantasy and science fiction novels certainly bear a lesson in the end so watch out for that. Sometimes, they are the common discount ones and there are times when they are lessons that nobody has heard of before.